Terms and Conditions

GO Apartments Spółka Cywilna

    • 1. General provisions
      • 1.1 The following terms and conditions apply to all visitors of GO Apartments and third parties staying in the apartments during the reservation time. By making a reservation and signing a registration card, the guest declares that he/she has read and accepted the Terms and Conditions.
      • 1.2 The owners and staff of GO Apartments kindly ask to comply with any of the points of the Terms and Conditions.
    • 2. Reservation rules
      • 2.1 Reservations may be made directly at the facility, by phone, email or reservation portal.
      • 2.2 When making a reservation, the guest has to provide the following data:
        – name and surname
        – residence address
        – contact phone number and e-mail
        – additional requests
      • 2.3 The apartment rental fee is charged in advance or at the latest on the day of check-in. You may pay at a later date after establishing a form of payment with the staff of GO Apartments.
      • 2.4 During check-in, the staff of GO Apartments has the right to ask the guest for his/her credit card or collect a deposit to cover any possible losses. A deposit is returned on the day of check-out, in case there is no damage in the apartment.
      • 2.5 The price of the apartment includes the full cost of staying in the apartment, for the registered number of guests and the date specified in the reservation.
      • 2.6 GO Apartments has a possibility to cancel a reservation in unexpectected situations or accidents like (technical issues, demages or break off electricity, heating etc.)
    • 3.The rules to be complied with by the guests during their stay in the apartment

      • 3.1 Check-in is from 14:30 on the day of arrival and lasts until 11.00 on the day of departure.
      • 3.2 The guest is obliged to inform the staff of GO Apartments about the planned time of arrival. The guests may check-in from 14.30 to 22.30. In the case of non-standard hours of check-in, the guests are asked to contact the staff of GO Apartments.
      • 3.3 When the conditions of occupancy are met, early check-in or late check-out is possible after prior contact with the staff. The guests are asked to report such a request up to 3 days before arrival. The service may be additionally charged.
      • 3.4 Keys to the apartment are issued when the guest is checking in.
      • 3.5 Immediately after check-in, the guests should check the rented apartment. In case of defects or damage, please inform the staff of GO Apartments immediately. Failure to report any defects or damages may charge the guest with the costs of repair of defects or damages in the apartment.
      • 3.6 Only persons who have been checked in by the staff of GO Apartments are allowed to live in the apartment. The number of people may not be higher than that provided in the reservation confirmed by GO Apartments.
      • 3.7 The guests are obliged to comply with the night’s rest in the building, which lasts from 22.00 to 7.00.
      • 3.8 The guests of GO Apartments declare that they will use the apartments according to their purpose.
      • 3.9 In the case of complaints by other residents of the intrusive behaviour of the guests of GO Apartments, in the case of the intervention of the police or the security of the building, GO Apartments will charge the guest with the penalty of 500 PLN/120 Euro.
      • 3.10 Smoking and using tobacco products are not allowed in the apartments or the garage. Failure to comply with the rules will allow the staff of GO Apartments to charge the guest with the penalty of 500 PLN/120 Euro.
      • 3.11 The guest declares that the apartment will be rented only for residential purposes. The guest is responsible for the behaviour of third parties and any damage caused during his/her stay.
      • 3.12 During check-out, the guest is obliged to return the keys (remote control) to the staff of GO Apartments.
      • 3.13 In case of no return or lost keys (remote control), the guest will be charged a fee in the amount of 200 PLN.
      • 3.14 Before checking-out, the staff of GO Apartments reserves the right to check the technical condition of the apartment.
      • 3.15 In the event of defects arising during the stay, the guest is obliged to remove the damage or cover the costs of repairs.
      • 3.16 The funds to cover any damages will be paid by the guest in cash at the latest on the day of check-out or will be charged to the guest’s credit card during check-in or check-in. By using the accommodation service, the guest agrees to charge the credit card provided for the removal of any damage caused by the guest’s fault.
      • 3.17 Any defects and damages not attributable to the guest’s fault will be reported to the staff of GO Apartments in order to remove them as soon as possible, and to provide the guests with the highest standard of stay.
      • 3.18 GO Apartments S.C. is not responsible for the material assets of the guests that are in the rented apartment.